KnittedKnacks has sprung from my love of knitting, yarn and crochet. From an early age I was taught to knit (by my Nana) and whilst the hobby faded in and out of my interests as a child I picked it up again at University. I re-taught myself to knit, with my mother’s help, then to crochet using a fantastic book: Stitch ‘n’ Bitch Crochet, The Happy Hooker.

I soon realised that my love for knitting and crochet would eventually result in any space in which I lived being completely overrun with woolen creations and I would eventually have to sleep in the garden. So I set up my shop on Etsy. I soon began receiving custom orders from friends and even some people I had never met and learned I loved the idea that someone has a piece of clothing or a home accessory which I have designed and made.

I have recently started to move away from clothing, creating hot water bottle covers with a unique spin, and most recently some quirky cushion covers.

If you’d like to learn more about KnittedKnacks visit my Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn or Instagram.



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